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  • ImMikeDanger

    @ashleym_zyla Almost tripped into Keuka the other day. I feel like it’s just a part of that lake life! πŸ˜‚

    16th June @ 07:01
  • ImMikeDanger


    16th June @ 05:43
  • ImMikeDanger

    What Would Jack Do? pic.twitter.com/UMgDVBZBnH

    15th June @ 03:23
  • ImMikeDanger

    I never meant to be gone so long.. twitter.com/madqueenivory/…

    12th June @ 06:09
  • ImMikeDanger

    @shanetold @tlums Keanu as a burn .. Keanu DEEZ NUTS

    9th June @ 15:04
  • ImMikeDanger

    Carried about 5 tons worth of rocks out of a creek today. Safe to say homeboy is gonna be sore tomorrow.

    8th June @ 20:09
  • ImMikeDanger

    @TornadoAllyy Nope. Drinking alcohol is a sin.

    4th June @ 20:45
  • ImMikeDanger

    @hxdleydrake *healthy

    1st June @ 05:05
  • ImMikeDanger

    Finishing up this thang today. pic.twitter.com/HSBqtLNveB

    28th May @ 17:15
  • ImMikeDanger

    @kristacaito14 Message me!

    26th May @ 14:44
  • ImMikeDanger

    @kristacaito14 Which ipad? I actually might be totally down

    26th May @ 14:43
  • ImMikeDanger

    Bought a case of them white claws to celebrate my last night dog sitting. We crazy over here.

    25th May @ 01:45
  • ImMikeDanger

    @Zimboni298 Why!

    25th May @ 01:42
  • ImMikeDanger

    I need some social interaction and a drink or 12 tonight. πŸ‘»

    23rd May @ 20:29
  • ImMikeDanger

    @linnyb16 @3OH3 They are still coming out with stuff often! I love them haha

    23rd May @ 07:50
  • ImMikeDanger

    Did alil more with this tonight.. Need more ideas to throw in this. Prob more flowers..maybe a scythe..maybe burn… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

    23rd May @ 07:47
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